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Welcome to e-Vatguy​

E-Vatguy is a consultancy firm dedicated to facilitating informed strategic choices as you navigate the realm of electronic documentation.
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Who Are We​

e-Vatguy is a consulting company comprising a group of dedicated consultants who have collectively accumulated experience in the e-transformation industry.

Our expertise spans technical aspects of e-document compliance enabling us to effectively tackle the complexities associated with the e-transformation world.

Mission​ & Vision

Our mission is to assist our clients to find the right path for the e-document compliance journey with a tailored-oriented approach.

Our vision is to disseminate e-compliance knowledge worldwide, making it understandable to everyone. We strive to promote widespread understanding and adoption of Regulatory Reporting practices, facilitating integration across various industries.

What We Provide

e-Vatguy provides consultancy services for regulatory compliance.

  1. We are meticulously evaluating your shortlist or crafting a new one to ensure the optimal selection of service providers that precisely align with your requirements.
  2. We are committed to actively overseeing the e-transformation process, providing necessary guidance and interventions as needed, to streamline operations and maximize efficiency.
  3. Our team diligently analyzes post-go-live issues and errors, offering strategic recommendations aimed at automating daily invoicing procedures with minimal manual intervention.
  4. We maintain a vigilant watch on regulatory developments, keeping you informed of updates and providing expert guidance on how best to navigate and comply with them.




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