What is e-Invoicing?

An E-Invoice, also known as a digital invoice, represents the modernized form of a traditional invoice, streamlining the exchange of invoices between suppliers and vendors through authority control and document validations. This efficient process is further enhanced by the integration of E-Invoicing projects with (ERP) systems, allowing for automated invoice generation. Alternatively, businesses can opt to manually create invoices using authority portals or e-invoicing service provider solutions, depending on their invoicing volume and preferences.

The diagram below illustrates the standard e-invoicing cycle, a protocol commonly adopted by countries that have mandated the incorporation of e-invoicing.

E-Invoicing Countries

For detailed information on e-Invoicing regulations specific to your chosen country, please click on the marked countries.


Need More Details On Each Step?

Feel free to reach out to our experts to provide you with the full scope of knowledge to empower your organization in setting up a robust e-invoicing infrastructure tailored to your business needs.

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