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e-VatGuy simplifies the e-document adaptation process, offering expert guidance from selecting the right service provider to applying tailored solutions for e-document compliance within your business scenarios.


e-VatGuy provides consultancy services for the mentioned e-document types.


Exchanging documents between sender and receiver via authority governance. The unique identifier(fiscal stamp & certificate) information to be involved in the e-document is also required by most of the countries to submit e-documents.


It differs from e-invoicing based on the reception point of view. e-Documents must be only reported to the authorities. The unique identifier process is also required by most countries to submit e-documents.


The 4-corner model avoids authority governance during the e-documents transaction process. The validation process occurs throughout the Peppol Network, therefore, no need to involve any unique identifier in the process.


SAF-T is a global terminology that is used and adapted for OECD countries to submit monthly financial data to the authorities in XML format. Each country has a different set of rules designed for the XML file structure, but the monthly reports must contain invoice data, general ledger entries, and master data records.

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